Indaba Group is an award-winning Digital Agency. We focus on E-commerce & Enterprise Solutions.



Indaba specializes in Enterprise-level community-based sites, building infrastructure that is scalable and meets the evolving needs of your customers. Our Enterprise Solutions enable you to get the full value from your technology investments, seamlessly integrating your infrastructure with customer portals and membership groups.


We create and deploy revenue producing online storefronts. Our team of expert Ecommerce professionals boast a wide range of technologies and platforms that are utilized to deliver tailored, custom Ecommerce sites that feature robust business performance integrations and usability analysis to create ideal customer experience.


Understanding the behaviors of your digital audience is vital to the long-term success of any website. Indaba uses a systematic & scientific approach before and after any website development efforts, by leveraging research tools, we gain knowledge about your users that can be used to guide changes in development and creative. Ultimately increasing conversion and average order value.


Usability and conversion are the tangible results that inspire the creative we produce at Indaba. Our goal is to produce online storefronts and collaborative enterprise community sites that are responsive and deliver a measurable ROI for our clients.

Our Clients.


An Enterprise level client with Enterprise level problems, a six month replatform and multiple integrations later Indaba enabled a scalable platform that preforms for the world's best integrators.


Little Passports

A thriving subscription business that has been a partner since their first Magento install, Indaba created a custom subscription module that increased average order value by 20 dollars within the 1st week of launch.


Lancaster Archery

A multi-million dollar Ecommerce store with limited internal resource stays on target with the Magento Ecommerce and a maintenance retainer with Indaba.


AWE Tuning

A Magento replatform that needed fine tuning on configurable products and usability. AWE Tuning features robust product filters and configurations to meet the demanding needs of their target audience.

In-da-ba (n.) - A gathering for purposeful discussion.


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